Aldaberta Indonesia

About Us

Aldaberta Indonesia is a reputable group company. The Aldaberta Indonesia group is comprised of two separate companies: PT. Aldaberta Indonesia & PT. Aldaberta Engineering. PT. Aldaberta Indonesia operates the EPC as well as trading & investment side of the business, while PT. Aldaberta Engineering focuses on PMC & Engineering. Both companies provide services in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Civil Works. Without any ownership or ties with operators, contractors & suppliers, Aldaberta Indonesia group can offer a truly independent and best service to our clients. We look forward to meeting new clients, continuously delivering safe and high quality projects and services to our existing clients and facing new challenges for many years to come.

Our Vision

To be a leading and reputable Indonesian Engineering Project Management, Trading & Investment and EPCC Company trusted by the State and International Oil & Gas Operators, refining & petrochemicals, power, mineral & metals, infrastructure & environment and fertilizers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver safe and successful projects for customer satisfaction and the benefit of shareholders, management, engineers and employees. We maintain that focus, whether we are faced with the biggest of challenges or smallest of details. 

Aldaberta Indonesia History

PT. Aldaberta Indonesia is an Indonesian registered company that is fully licensed by the relevant Government authorities to perform our services to the Oil & Gas industry as well as our other sectors of industries. Established in 2002, PT. Aldaberta Indonesia started as an engineering & project management company. It’s first contract was rewarded by a renowned multinational company, Transgasindo; a joint venture company of PGN, Conoco Philips & Petronas. After the project completion, PT. Aldaberta Indonesia was awarded another contract by Trans Java Gas Pipeline to perform FEED & PMC services. 

PT. Aldaberta then expanded its market to Pertamina Gas, Pertamina EP, and Elnusa among others. Its market also grew to to industries such as Refining & Petrochemicals, Minerals & Metals, Infrastructure & Environment as well as Fertilizer and Cement Plants. PT. Aldaberta Indonesia then began expanding its business by adding EPC and Investment to its services. Now, PT. Aldaberta Indonesia has restructure its business to provide both EPC & Investment services, as well as PMC & Engineering. As of late 2018, the organization was reshuffled and Aldaberta Indonesia has now split in two companies.

PT. Aldaberta Indonesia is now solely focus on on EPC & Investment services, while our PMC & Engineering services is now relocated to the new PT. Aldaberta Engineering. With this, we hope to expand the company and broaden our horizon while also providing the best services to our clients. PT. Aldaberta Indonesia & PT. Aldaberta Engineering aims to be a premier supplier of EPC, PMC, and Investment services. We strive on our work to exceed our Client’s expectation by providing quality value added services to meet the most demanding requirements and standards of the industry. Learn more about us in out company profile.

Commitment to Our Customers

PT. Aldaberta Indonesia commits to

  1. Provide value-added services based on professional standards in order to surpass client expectations with the implementation of a recognized Quality System and Quality Control, regardless of the challenges and critical conditions.
  2. Deliver projects safely, timely and cost effectively with locally adapted facilities and operations and full understanding of client requirements.
  3. Continuously review new products and technology available in the industry.
  4. Provide adequate resources in terms of equipment and personnel, encouraging them to increase knowledge of their profession through appropriate training.

Quality Policy & HSE Policy

 Quality Policy

  1. To increase customer satisfaction
  2. To guarantee quality of products and services
  3. On time delivery
  4. To increase HR Quality through training
  5. Continuous improvements

  HSE Policy

  1. To provide appropriate resources to eliminate unsafe practices and prevent all occupational illness, occupational injuries and incidents to attain a workplace with accident free performance.

  2. To instill in employee to accept personal responsibility to themselves and their fellow employee to ensure that all work is performed safely and environmental friendly according to HSE guidelines.

  3. To update guidelines, risk assessment in compliance to statutory and client requirement and continuously improve the HSE – MS and practices through periodic assessment, setting and reviewing HSE objectives and targets.

  4. To promote awareness and conserve natural resources by reducing waste generation and contamination of air, water and land and ensuring waste was disposed off in a safe environmentally sound manner.

  5. To ensure all staff and others who may be affected directly or indirectly by the working activities have the right and duty to intervene and/or stop any unsafe acts and or unsafe conditions when the activities are not in compliance with the HSE Policy and Procedures.

International Standards

As a commitment to the satisfaction, security, health and environmental demands, PT. Aldaberta Indonesia applies Registered Certificate, Quality Management Standard, Occupational Safety and Health (K3), and Environment. This commitment is evidence by the acquisition of internationally hired certificates that are continually updated on a regular basis.

  • ISO 37001 : 2016
  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • ISO 45001 : 2018
  • ISO 21500 : 2021