PT Aldaberta Indonesia Experiences :

PT. Aldaberta Experience Summary General Major Onshore & Offshore
NoClientProjectsLocationStart Date
Completion Date
Services Provided
1PT Transportasi Gas
Risk Assessment of Kuala
Tungkal to Singapore P/L
Indonesia20032004S, SI, HAZOPHAZOP for Kuala Tungkal to
Singapore Gas P/L
2PT Transportasi Gas
Carry Out Piping Pulsage Study
and Fatigue Analysis for
Sakernan & Belilas Compressor
Indonesia20042004S, SICompressor Station Studies
3PT Transportasi Gas
Sakernan & Belilas Compressor
Station Assessment Study
Indonesia20042004S, SICompressor Station Studies
4PT Transportasl Gas
Sakernan & Belllas Compressor
Station Assessment Additional
Work (Change Compressor Dry
Gas Seal Medium from Nitrogen
to Instrument Air) & (Addition of
Accumulator to Fuel Gas
Indonesia20042004S, DSCompressor Station Studies
5PT Transportasi Gas
Grissik to Duri 28" PIL Quality
Risk Assessment
Indonesia20042005S, SI, HAZOPHAZOP for Grissik to Duri 28" Gas P/L
6PT Transportasi Gas
Sakernan & Belilas Compressor
Station SIL Study
Indonesia20042005SCompressor Station SIL Studies
7PT. Pertamina EP/
PT. Pertamina Gas
East Java Gas Project
Rectification Freespan Pipa Gas
Subsea ~ 28" Pagerungan -
Porong East Java
Indonesia20052008PM,TE,T,EPCRectification Freespan Pipa Gas
Subsea 0 28" Pagerungan - Porong
East Java, including offshore survey
work (survey SOW & specification),
supervise the survey work & Engineering
8PT Transportasi Gas
Jabung Compressor Station
Project Management Consultant
Indonesia20052011PM,TE,T,EPCPMC Compressor Station Jabung – Jambi Indonesia
9PT. Pertamina EPPRE-FEED Matindok Gas Development ProjectIndonesia20072008FEEDGas processing Facilities
PPGM Matindok - Sulawesi
10PT. Pertamina EPProject Management Consultancy of Gundih
Gas Plan Development
Indonesia20082011PM,TE,EPCGas processing Plan
11PT Bakrie ConstructionManpower Suply “Precom/com Mechanical
Engineer” for Bakrie Construction
Indonesia20092009Manpower SupplyBakrie Construction
12PT Elnusa Bangkanai EnergyFEED Study for Kerendan Gas Processing
Facilities (KGPF)
Indonesia20102010FEEDKerendan Gas processing Facilities
Bangkanai - Indonesia
13PT E1- PertagasProject Management Manpower Supply &
Technical Support South Sumatera NGL Project
Indonesia20102012PM, Manpower SupplyPMC , Manpower Suppy and Technical Support
14PT Pertamina EP UBEP LimauProject Management Consultancy of New
Development Gathering Station in Struktur
Niru South Sumatera - 1
Indonesia20102012PM, TE, T,S,SIPMC Gathering Station Struktur Niru – South Sumatra
15PHE ONWJProject Engineering and Construction
Management Services
Indonesia20112012PM, TE,SI, Manpower SupplyManpower Supply and Technical Support for PHE ONWJ
16PT Pertamina EPFront End Engineering Design (FEED)
Pembangunan Fasilitas Produksi Proyek
Pengembangan Pondok Makmur
Indonesia20112011FEEDFEED Fasilities Production , Pondok Makmur – Bekasi, West Java
17PT Pertamina EPProject Management Support (PMS) Central
Processing Plant (CPP) Area Gundih - PPGJ
Indonesia20112013PM, Manpower SupplyPMC , Manpower Suppy and Technical Support
18PT Pertamina EP UBEP LimauProject Management Consultancy of New Development Gathering Station in Struktur Niru South Sumatera - 2Indonesia20122013PM, Manpower SupplyProject Management Consultancy of New Development Gathering Station
19PT Pertamina EP UBEP LimauRe-Engineering Crude Oil Desalter Di
SP U dan SP VII UBEP Limau
Indonesia20122013FEEDEngineering Services Gathering Station UBEP Limau
20BOB PT Bumi Siak Pusako – Pertamina HuluPMC Development of Gas Transmission
Pipeline from Kondur Petroleum SA to
Pusaka GS BOB & Receiving Facility
Indonesia20132014PM, Manpower SupplyPMC Pipeline & Receiving Facility
21PT Pertamina EP Asset 5Engineering Services Asset 5 PT Pertamina EPIndonesia20132014DD, DS,DVEngineering Services
22PT Pertamina EP Asset 5FEED Water TreatmentIndonesia20132014FEED, DDFEED Water Treatment Package
23PT Pertamina EP Asset 4Project Management Consultant
Asset 4 PT Pertamina EP
Indonesia20132014PM, Manpower SupplyProject Management Consultant
24PT Pertamina EP Asset 1Project Management Consultant Surface
Facilities Asset 1 PT Pertamina EP
Indonesia20142015PM, Manpower SupplyProject Management Consultant
25 PT. Pertamina EPJasa Pendampingan Pengoperasian Unit BSRU
Central Processing Plant (CPP) Area Gundih,
Proyek Pengembangan Gas Jawa (PPGJ)
Indonesia20152015PM, TE,SI, Manpower SupplyProject Management Consultant
26PT. Semen IndonesiaEngineering & Construction Services of
3 Million Metric ton per year New Cement
Plant Project
Indonesia20132016PMC, DDProject Management Consultant
27PT. Bintang Delapan JayaPekerjaan Pembuatan Jalan Hotmix Di
Komplek Taman Kahyangan Sulawesi Tenggara
Indonesia20132014EPCEngineering, Procurement, Construction
28PT. Pertamina EP Asset 5Penyediaan Jasa Project Management
Consultancy (PMC) Di PT Pertamina EP Asset 5
Indonesia20152016PM, TE,SI, Manpower SupplyProject Management Consultant
29PT. Pertamina EPPMC Service For Construction Of Production
Fasilities,Flowline and Trukline For Cikarang –
Tegal Pacing Development Project.
20162018PMCProject Management Consultant
30PT. Pertamina PerseroProject Management Consultancy Pemasangan Unit Desalter RU IIIPalembang, Indonesia20192020PMCProject Management Consultant

PT Aldaberta Indonesia Current Projects :

PT. Aldaberta Indonesia Current Project
PT. Pertamina EPProject Management Consultancy Pengawasan Kegiatan Perencanaan & Eksekusi Proyek Waterflood TanjungKalimantan, Indonesia20202022PMCOngoing
PT. Pertamina EP CepuProcurement of Third Party Contract (TPC) Employment Services for the development of the Jambaran - Tiung Biru Field, PT. Pertamina EP CepuIndonesia20172022PMCOngoing
PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XIPMC services in order to increase the capacity of the Sugar Factory and Sugar Factory Assembagoes DjatirotoSurabaya
PT. Pertamina EPPembangunan Stasiun Pengumpul Lapangan Jatiasri Di Field SubangSubang, Indonesia20222024EPCOngoing

Key :

BEBasic EngineeringFEEDFront End Engineering DesignSStudyAGIAbove Ground Installation
CMConstruction ManagementFIFactory InspectionSISite InspectionCDCCombustion Development Center
COMCommissioningHAZOPOperational Hazards StudyTETenderingCPCorrosion Protection
COMACommissioning AssistanceOSOperating SupervisionTTrainingEPCEngineer, Procurement & Construct
CSConstruction SupervisionO&MOperating & Maintenance ManualsWIWitness TestingESDEmergency Shut Down
DDDetailed DesignPAProcurement AssistanceEIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
DSDesign SupervisionProcProcurementNTSNational Transmission System
DVDesign VettingPMProject ManagementMSMotor Spirit
RRoutingPRSPressure Reducing Station