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Conceptual Design

  • Option identification
  • Construction methodology
  • Screening studies
  • Preliminary routing and site investigation
  • Field development
  • Process requirements
  • Schedule and budget costs
  • development


  • High engineering content EPC Contracts
  • Strategic alliances with OEMs
  • Planning, schedule and logistics management
  • Contracting risk management
  • Open market procurement
  • Construction supervision and management
  • QA/QC, Inspection and safety management
  • Commissioning, training and handover

Feasibility study

  • Option selection
  • Site investigation
  • Flow schematics
  • Mapping, layouts and geographical information
  • Selection of codes and standards
  • Environmental and social consequences
  • Risk assessments
  • Project costs estimates and overall economics


  • Project definition
  • Team development and management of  local content
  • Overall project management and control
  • Client liaison, reporting and interface management
  • Contract administration
  • Cost control
  • Procurement package development and expediting
  • QA/QC, Inspection and safety management


  • Project basis of design
  • Process, hydraulic and multiphase flow analysis and operability
  • Process, utility flow, piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • HAZOP HAZID and SIL reviews
  • Schedules and cost estimates
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Value engineering
  • Authority liaison
  • QA and HSE definition

Asset Management

  • Operational Readiness Programs
  • Facility Commissioning
  • Start-up Services
  • Facilities Due-Diligence
  • Best PracticeCompliance
  • Auditing
  • Upstream, mid-stream, downstream asset management
  • Performance based operations
  • Facility and equipment maintenance
  • Operations engineering and operations readiness
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Training and indigenization

Detailed Design

  • Final process and utility flow diagrams
  • Final piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Civil, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, and telecommunications
  • Specifications and procurement packages
  • Third party review