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FEED Matindok Gas Production Facilities

Develop front end engineering design (FEED) for gas production facilities to supply gas to LNG plant and gas production facilities to supply gas to power plant. The facilities  cover the upstream facilities begins at the well heads end of the tie in points at the Senoro Gas Pipeline (28”) that will be developed by job Pertamina Medcotomori Sulawesi (job p-mts). They are :

  1. Flow lines from each well
  2. Manifold station including separator unit in area Matindok, Maleoraja and Minahaki
  3. Block station consist of manifold, separator, scrubber, condensate handling facilities and ancillary equipment in location Donggi and Matindok
  4. Gathering line to transfer gas from each manifold station to block station and from block station to gas processing facilities (GPF)
  5. Gas processing facilities (GPF) consists of acid gas removal unit (AGRU), sulfur recovery unit and dehydration unit (DHU) will be used to process natural gas from each block station
  6. Trunk line to transfer treated gas from GPF to sales delivery points
  7. Custody meters at sales delivery points locate in the tie in points Senoro Trunk Line

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