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Feed & PMC Jabung Gas Booster Station

Jabung Gas Booster Station comprises:
2x8 MW ISO Gas Turbines and Compressors, with facilities for future expansion to 4x8 MW ISO machines, process equipment and piping, process utilities and full utilities for autonomous site operation (i.e. power generation and water treatment facilities).

Main Buildings include:
Full Accommodation Facilities (rooms, canteen, sport facilities, etc), Compressor Houses, Control and Utilities Buildings.

Design Conditions:
1500 psig
465 MMSCFD (Future 608 MMSCFD)

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:
The objective of the PMC services for the Jabung Gas Booster Station project is to project manage on behalf of TGI the execution of the project and to ensure that the project will be finished with the highest quality and in a timely, effective and economic manner.

This Objective is achieved by PMC services which will:

  • Develop TGI’s conceptual design through preliminary and basic design (FEED) to define the project such that the FEED may form the technical input to EPCC contracts, without ambiguity and cost consequence, and the basis for procurement by TGI of items of long-lead materials and equipment.
  • Tender and award EPCC and procurement contracts.
  • Project manage and construction manage the EPCC and procurement contracts.
  • Provide management services to TGI as specified through the engineering, procurement and construction of the elements of the project through training, completion, start-up and commissioning of the project.

The scope of the PMC services encompasses all the facilities associated with the Jabung Gas Booster Station and covers:

  • Project Management Services
  • Process modeling for Grissik to Singapore Pipeline System
  • Full Basic Engineering of the Gas Booster Station, including definition of GTCP requirements
  • Procurement Services
  • Training
  • Production of EPCC documentation
  • EPCC Tenders’ evaluation
  • Supervision of all stages of the EPCC Contractor’s works, including detailed design, procurement, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and initial operation.

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