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Procurement of Third Party Contract (TPC) Employment Services For the development of the Jambaran - Tiung Biru Field,PT.Pertamina EP Cepu

1. Scope of Work

This work is the procurement and management of TPC Manpower services to support

project giale that is currently underway in accordance with the project schedule below


Where the procurement of Manpower services on request from the Company in the

form Release Order (RO) / Call off Order (COO) as needed. As for labor services

required professionals include Manpower services for the following activities:

a) ECW & Pipeline Construction

b) GPP Construction

c) Engineering Project

d) Project Control

e) QA / QC Inspection


g) SCM

h) Legal

i) IT

j) Human Capital

k) PGA S Relation

I ) Land & Regulatory

m) Business Support

n) Interface & Commisioning

o) Pre Production Operation

p) Drilling Interface

q) Risk Management

r) Finance

The company determines the number of positions required along with the job

specification, grade, work location, working time, work equipment and personal

protective equipment required for work.

The Contractor shall seek and provide Manpower services as well as establish a project

team to organize, manage, coordinate the necessary Manpower services The company

is available according to need, exact quantity, qualification, and on time.

The Contractor is required to establish a Project Team consisting of technical personnel

and personnel administrative support (non-technical) as further stipulated in the Tender

Document Administrative & Technical Check List (Management & Expert Expert) to

support activities projects, daily activities and business activities of the Company. The

Project team is minimal represents functions that manage the services of Manpower

such as Person in charge / Coordinator, Recruiter, Salary / Remuneration, Finance &

Taxation, Licensing,BPJS / Insurance and Personnel Administration. The Company is

entitled to determine the Calf off period Order for 43 months or less according to the

needs of the Company.

2, Implementation Period

The duration of the TPC Employment Service Procurement is for 43 (four)

thirty three) months commencing from the effective date.

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