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PMC Development of Production Facilities, Flowline, And Trunkline Cikarang – Tegalpacing Development Project, PT PERTAMINA EP.


1. The scope of JOB in this Agreement is "Project Management Consultant Services

(PMC) Development of Production Facilities, Flowline, And Trunkline Cikarang - Tegalpacing

Development Project, PT PERTAMINA EP "with the description of JOB and technical requirements as detailed in Appendix A1.

2. The location and conditions of JOB are described as follows:

2.1. LOCATION OF WORK covers the Pertamina EP Working Area in Tegalpacing

Development Project Yet WORK can be done outside the area with PARTY AGREEMENTS AND CONDITIONS firstly set forth in a News.

2.2. WORK LOCATION conditions are in the vicinity of human settlements or forest areas,

or plantations or paddy fields that cover the land area (on shore) or off beach (offshore).

2.3. In terms of WORKING LOCATION is on the mainland (on shore), most of the way

entrance access WORK LOCATION is a hardened / compressed road form and can be passed by heavy vehicles.

2.4. PT Aldaberta Indonesia should always ensure that JOB can be executed at the time

in conjunction with the Pertamina EP operation, without interrupting the PARTY operation

FIRST in producing oil and gas and other work accordingly

with the needs of the Pertamina EP.

2.5. PT Aldaberta Indonesia must make a careful work plan taking into account all aspects of WORK so that the work can be done well and smoothly so it does not interfere with the operation of Pertamina EP.

3. The Period of WORK implementation is for 20 (twenty) months, commencing from the start

May 02, 2016 until January 01, 2018.

4. The term of the Agreement shall be 20 (twenty) months, 50 (five piggy) calendar days,

commencing from 02 May 2016 until 20 February 2018.

5. Sanctions and Penalties

5.1. In the event that PT Aldaberta Indonesia DOES NOT PERFORM THE WORK according to the TEST, Pertamina EP reserves the right to apply sanctions and penalties as detailed in the Appendix C.

5.2. Details of fines related to WORK implementation are set out in Appendix CI.

6. Working Terms and Conditions of JOB

6.1 To implement the JOB above, PT Aldaberta Indonesia shall provide / perform JOB according to the conditions stated in Annexes to the AGREEMENT include but are not limited to the minimum requirements specifications / qualifications and quantities.

6.2 PT Aldaberta Indonesia is responsible for the maintenance of permits in connection with

This Agreement, such as but not limited to: permission to enter WORKING LOCATION and

other licenses related to the implementation of JOB. If required, Pertamina EP,

may assist the PT Aldaberta Indonesia to the extent to facilitate the submission of such work permits.

The costs incurred to obtain such permits are the responsibility of the PT Aldaberta Indonesia.

6.3 In implementing JOBS, PT Aldaberta Indonesia shall refer to technical data and procedures it has. If required the Pertamina EP will examine the documents this document. Failure of PT Aldaberta Indonesia in giving or executing WORK in accordance with technical data and such procedures will be Pertamina EP considerations FIRST to prohibit PT Aldaberta Indonesia start JOB or to stop JOB is ongoing.

6.4 THE PT Aldaberta Indonesia shall be member! access to the Pertamina EP REPRESENTATIVES to be able to perform inspection to all storage places of equipment and offices belonging to PT Aldaberta Indonesia or other locations related to JOB Implementation.

6.5 During the Term of the Agreement a coordination meeting shall be held. Coordination meetings first will be done as soon as possible before the implementation of WORK in the form

kick off meeting. Furthermore, coordination meetings are conducted periodically or as needed.

In coordination meetings will be discussed matters relating to the realization of progress

JOB payment, solving problems that occur, and plans JOB for the following month and other matters that required the Pertamina EP need discussed. In the PT Aldaberta Indonesia coordination meeting shall convey to the Pertamina EP all the information it holds in connection with this AGREEMENT.

7. Use of FIRST PARTY Facilities

As long as it is not specified in the procurement document, it is basically all equipment requirements, Personnel and other facilities required in this AGREEMENT to be the responsibility of the PT Aldaberta Indonesia. However, if available and in the conditions allow, in particular for LOCATION OF WORK, Pertamina EP can help the needs of PT Aldaberta Indonesia in the following matters:

7.1 Workplaces and offices.

7.2 Maintenance shop (maintenance shop) and mechanical equipment.

7.3 The repository of the PT Aldaberta Indonesia Equipment

7.4 Accommodation / residence dancte // y meal Personnel responsible for operations at


7.5 Medical facilities and medical personnel in the field and area LOCATION OF WORK.

The Pertamina EP reserves the right to charge any fees incurred in connection with matters

mentioned in point 7 to the PT Aldaberta Indonesia. If not specified otherwise by the PARTIES, then those costs will be calculated as a deduction for payment from the Pertamina EP

to the PT Aldaberta Indonesia.

In the case of EMPLOYMENT WORK by the PT Aldaberta Indonesia associated with the use of the facility FIRST PARTY or equipment of the Pertamina EP Group, then PT Aldaberta Indonesia is obliged coordinate with the Pertamina EP Group.

8. Changes in the scope of work, the value of the AGREEMENT and / or the duration of the TEST

8.1. In the event of any change in the scope of WORK value of the TEST and / or Period The Agreement in the Execution of the Agreement, the change will be poured in an Amendment which constitutes an indivisible whole This agreement.

8.2. The conditions and conditions for the JOB changes shall take into account and compliance with the provisions and regulations applicable in particular the Guidelines Working Procedure Number: PTK-007 / SKKO0000 / 2015 / S0 Second Book Revision.3 on Guidelines Supply Chain Management Contractor Contracts Cooperation as well as its changes, if there.

8.3. In case the value of the AGREEMENT is lower than 80% HPS / OE, then the provisions apply in Chapter 2 of Chapter Xi number 2.13 of the Code of Work Number: PTK- 007 / SKKO0000 / 2015 / S0 Second Book Revision.3.


9.1. For the Implementation of this Agreement, the Pertamina EP shall appoint its representative acting as Engineer and Supervisor, authorized to represent PERTAMINA          EP in the Implementation of JOB include but are not limited to create WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, Oversee the suitability of JOBS EMPLOYMENT with the provisions of the AGREEMENT and to make a statement of acceptance of the settlement JOB, is; • Board of Directors: Pondok Makmur Development Project General Manager • Supervisor: Pondok Makmur Development Project Surface Facilities Manager

9.2. Before starting JOB, PT Aldaberta Indonesia shall appoint one or more of its representatives who are competent, authorized to represent and act for and on behalf of PT Aldaberta Indonesia in connection with the Implementation of JOB.

9.3. At the latest on the kick off meeting, PT Aldaberta Indonesia is obliged to notify the Pertamina EP in writing of the identity of the representative and clearly establish the scope of authority granted to him. Based on his consideration alone, the Pertamina EP reserves the right to approve or reject the representative of the PT Aldaberta Indonesia considered incompetent in carrying out his duties, if this happens then PARTY BOTH must immediately replace his representative.

9.4. THE PARTY may replace any of its representatives, by notifying in writing to the other PARTY without making any amendment,

9.5. During the entry into force of this AGREEMENT, PT Aldaberta Indonesia shall have representatives (office) and the person in charge in the work area of ​​PERTAIVIA PARTY ARE about LOCATION OF WORK, for can at any time discuss or resolve possible issues arise in connection with the TEST.

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