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PMC and Engineering Services for PHE ONWJ Offshore Platform Onshore Facility

Aldaberta Indonesia  provided personnel to support Program / Project Management, Construction Engineering Services, Construction Management Service, Construction Supervision, Program Management Services and Various others technical assistance service to oversee certain critical aspect of the work related with Engineering, Procurement, Construction / Fabrication, Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities for PHE ONWJ Facilities during Onshore, near shore and Offshore construction activities for platform, FPSO, Onshore site Facilities and Pipeline and Submarine Cable.

Secondment of Project/Construction personnel to support project execution and construction activities via secondment of specific skill that required by Project Team.
1. Others Services :

  • Project Management Service
  • Construction Management Services
  • Construction Engineering Services

2. Third Party Services
3. Location of The Service (Worksite)

  • Consultant Office (s)
  • Company Contractor’s office, Company offices, Fabrication Yard, Manufacturing Area, Vessel(s)
  • Company’s Project Office (s), Project Site Location (s), others company facility
  • Others designated locations, within area of operations, as may be determined by Company in the   respective Work Order.

Hiring Category :

  • Short term : < 3 months)
  • Medium term (3 – 6 month )
  • Longterm (>6 month)

Human Resources Development
Human Resources Development will maintain of pool personnel conducting recruitment including the organization to assure every personnel provided have necessary paper works, permit, trainings include HSE, Certification, Insurance, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) etc.

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