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FEED Elnusa Bangkanai

Elnusa Bangkanai Energy Ltd. (EBE) as operator, plans to develop the Kerendan Gas Field for export to the PLN Power Plant Station.  The Kerendan Gas Field in the Bangkanai PSC Block located in Kabupaten Barito Utara, Central Kalimantan, 200 km away western of Balikpapan and 330 km away northern of Banjarmasin.  Bangkanai gas field is developed for gas supply to power plant within 20 years of time.

Production of Wells rate will be approximately 25 MMSCFD with gas sales of 20 MMSCFD.  Company has performed the conceptual Engineering, develop the design basis and chosen the preferred to development option for the field.  The current development option will require as follow:

  • The Installation Flowline for 7 well and Production manifold
  • Construction Central Processing Plant (CPP), Condensate Handling and Produced Water Treatment
  • Pipeline of sales gas to PLN Power Plant

Gas Composition
Gas Composition is taken from PVT analysis from Elnusa Bangkanai Energy. There are two cases for KGPF process simulation, i.e. the first 5th year of production as Case 1 (High Pressure  Well) and the 6th-15th year of production as Cese 2 (Medium Pressure) and the last 5th year as Case 3 (Low Pressure Well).
The facilities consist of as follows:

  1. Flow lines from each well including pigging system
  2. Manifold station including inlet air cooler and separator unit
  3. Gas Plant consist of manifold, separator, scrubber, condensate handling facilities, produced water treatment and ancillary equipment
  4. Gas processing facilities (GPF) consists of acid separation system and dehydration unit (DHU) will be used to process natural gas
  5. 5. Sales Gas pipeline to transfer treated gas from GPF to sales delivery points and metering system,

Aldaberta Indonesia help Elnusa Bangkanai Energy Ltd. to prepare document tender for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for Kerendan Gas Field.  Main work consist of:

  1. Project Management
  2. Process Engineering
  3. Plant & Piping Engineering
  4. Mechanical – Static Equipment
  5. Heater and Heat Exchanges
  6. Mechanical – Rotating Equipment
  7. RFQs / Request for Quotations
  8. Package Units
  9. Electrical
  10. Instrumentation
  11. Civil
  12. Steel Structure
  13. EPC Tender Document Preparation

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