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Assisting Service for BSRU Unit Central Processing Plant (CPP) Operation on Gundih Area,PPGJ

Scope of Work

Aldaberta Indonesia provides labour and their tools for assisting the completion of the CPP in particularly development of BSRU unit but are not limited to:

1. Assist in applying the correct operation of the BSRU unit so that the conversion of H2S into sulfur element can occur properly.
2. Helping and assisting to carry out operation and maintenance of any equipment in BSRU Unit specificly.
3. Conducting the training of CPP operators to be immediately able to operate the equipment in the BSRU system correctly and able to take action - action that is required as trouble shooting in case of problems in the BSRU system equipment.
4. Help to resolve problems that occur in BSRU associated with bacteria conditions in BSRU and conditions of chemical reactions that occur in the BSRU units.
5. Provide laboratory facilities and perform training on lab personnel for checking the quality of performance of the BSRU unit.
6. Help in the preparation and execution of Commissioning particularly on BSRU unit.
7. Assisting for commissioning and operation of CPP Area Gundih as a Plant which can operate as a whole in one unified system.


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