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FEED Pondok Makmur



Pondok Makmur field is producing oil and gas field Pertamina EP located at Desa  Jaya Bakti, kecamatan Cabang Bungin Kabupaten Bekasi and approximately 20 km north of the City of Bekasi.


Pondok Makmur Field will build a Block Station for Oil & Gas separation facilities and pipeline facilities from production well’s. Development of production facilities will divide in 2 phases. Phase-1 covers the construction of facilities to produce oil from well’s of Cluster-A, whereas in phase-2 covers facility development to produce oil from well’s of Cluster-B, C, D and E according to POD stages and will be approved by BP Migas.
In phase-1 development will be planned to build a permanent production facility with a production capacity of 7500 BLPD and 12 MMSCFD gas at the location of Pondok Makmur Cluster-A

Pondok Makmur Field Cluster-A is oil and gas Pertamina EP field of 5 wells from Marbleized Limestone formation and 1 oil well from Pre Talang Akar Pre-TAF) formation. Character of oil from Pondok Makmur is the oil content of wax was relatively high at ± 13% and Pour Point High (± 36 º C). Pour-point high result, the oil will thicken / clot on condition temperature environment is low, especially at night or in conditions - temperature rain conditions where the environment is lower than the pour point of oil.


Scope of works of contractor to prepare FEED (Front End Engineering Design) of production facility development Phase-1, Pondok Makmur field cluster-A that as deliverable:
a. Engineering's document’s
b. EPC cost estimate
c. EPC schedule estimate with level 3
d. EPC bid document package


Production facility Phase-1 (Block Station) are and not limited to:
a. Flow lines of wells Pondok Makmur A
b. Cluster manifold at PDM A
c. Satellite line from cluster manifold to
d. Separation facility that consisting of
- Manifold at Block Station from Cluster A,A3,B,C,D and E
- Separation Unit (Separator, Scrubber and KO Drum)
- Crude oil Transfer Pump
- Crude Storage Unit (Crude Oil Thank)
- Flare Stack and Blowdown)
- Oil and Gas Metering Station
- Heater before to Separation Unit (If Applicable)
- Pour Point Depressant or Heater that oil can be transferred Storage Tank
- Flow Assurance Study
- Control Facilities and Information
- Lightning Protection & Grounding System
- Utilities Facilities :

  • Fuel Gas System Unit
  • Hot Oil System Unit
  • Air Unit & Instrument Air
  • Electrical and Power System Unit
  • Emergency Diesel Power Unit
  • Domestic Water (Water Deep Sump & Purifying Water System)
  • Unit Waste Water Treatment

- Fire Water System
- Infrastructure Facilities

  • Control Room & Local Instrument I/O Room
  • Electrical Substation
  • Equipment Shelter (Power House, Air Compressor Shelter, Pump House, Chemical Injection Pump House
  • Data and Voice Communication Room
  • Laboratory
  • Fire and Emergency Station
  • Maintenance Workshop
  • Warehouse and Chemical Storage
  • Security Guard
  • Administration Office

All calculation shell be base on International Code and Standard

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