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FEED (Front End Engineering Design) or preliminary design, often bridges a gap between design conception and detailed design, particularly in cases where the level of conceptualization achieved during ideation is not sufficient for full evaluation. So in this task, the overall system configuration is defined, and schematics, diagrams, and layouts of the project may provide early project configuration. (This notably varies a lot by field, industry, and product.) During detailed design and optimization, the parameters of the part being created will change, but the preliminary design focuses on creating the general framework to build the project on.


Our Company’s products in this stage:
  • Project basis of design
  • Process, hydraulic and multiphase flow analysis and operability
  • Process, utility flow, piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • HAZOP HAZID and SIL reviews
  • Schedules and cost estimates
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Value engineering
  • Authority liaison
  • QA and HSE definition
  • Feed Review and Assesment