Finance & Investment

PT. Aldaberta Indonesia is an EPC as well as a Trading & Investment company. As a growing engineering, procurement, construction and commission company, PT Aldaberta Indonesia strive to work hard to give our clients the best and most reliable service for any demanding projects. PT Aldaberta Indonesia is also building its trading & investment business, expanding its services for future clients.

Our Services


PT Aldaberta is expanding its business in investment, growing its company by acquiring more assets from two major investment sector: property and long-term contract investment projects, either through green field projects or merger & acquisition projects.

As a developing country with an increase demand in housing occupancy as well as job growth, there are ample of opportunities in the market for both commercial and residential property, from office space to apartment complex and many more. PT Aldaberta strives to provide quality service and safety. We show our commitment for this goal by taking a hands on approach on our investment project and oversee it from start to finish; from research & projections to construction to property management, etc. With our background in construction and project management, we believe we can integrate our self well in this industry and be profitable for years to come.

Long term contract investment projects include pipeline, infrastructure/utility, power, etc. In order to have an excellent and high quality project, we will go through a systematic project evaluation as follows:

  • Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Go or No Go Decision
  • Bankable Feasibility Study
  • Prudent Project Structure
  • Supply & Purchase Agreement
  • Permits & Land Acquisition
  • Financial Closing
  • FEED
  • EPCC

Asset Management

Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, & disposing of assets cost-effectively, managing assets to achieve the greatest return, and the process of monitoring and maintaining facilities systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to Users/Owner/Investor. Our main line of work in asset management is to evaluate existing plans/assets from our clients and manage/maintain them to increase their value. We work with specialist team of finance and asset managers to analyze and decide high value prospect while mitigating risk for our client’s financial growth. We provide a variety of services from startup services, to operation readiness program, to auditing and operation/facility maintenance, etc.

Material, Instruments & Equipment Supply

PT Aldaberta Indonesia is also a supplier company. We provide a variety of equipment and supply from a wide range of fields. We work with a collections of vendors and manufacturers to provide our clients with the best equipment and supply needed for their projects. Our products have include gas engine & compressor, generator set, waste & water treatment, HVAC, valve & fitting, etc.

Water Treatment Injection Plant

The process of increasing oil production from wells is one of them by Lifting Method Water Treatment Injection with chemicals. Water Treatment Injection Plant the process of separating water raised with oil is pumped to the Main Collection Station, treatment of treated water treatment for re-injection is processed according to the characteristics of the water (Parameters: Oil Content, pH, Turbidity, RPI, TSS, Particle Size, Bacteria (SRB)) contained reservoir wells.

Gathering Station

Gathering Station is a place where fluid separation takes place after being picked up and flowed through the flowline of the production well. Specific equipment for the process facilities used for collection stations includes: Production/Test Manifold, Separation System, Dehydration Unit (DHU), Product & Test Liquid Storage & Transfer System, and Utility System. The entire flowline will go to production and test manifolds. The production manifold is designed to accommodate all forecast production fluid wells of 15 MMSCFD, 382BOPD and 436BWPD.